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for a friend… goodbye John

on February 27, 2012

Yesterday, Sunday was one of those days were to many things happened.

My husband arrived home at 3:30 in the morning, i was a bit upset about that ( i admit)..I woke up a few minutes before he was home feeling worrisome. I always feel that especially when he isn’t home by that time. But i felt he arrived and ignored him, he slept immediately after arriving. I woke up around 7:00 in the morning, i checked my mobile phone and saw a message from a close friend. She told me where my husband was and if he was with John, her nephew. I said i didn’t know as he arrived quite late as he is supposed to…and i actually do not have any intentions of speaking to him as i am a bit upset about it. Then she immediately replied and told me that John died. that he is gone.

I was surprised, shocked. I immediately went to my husband who was still in bed ( snoring :P) i told him the news and it was like cold water was thrown at him. He said it couldn’t be as he just saw John just a few hours ago. They were together at Doy’s having some drinks. But the thing is they didn’t go home together as he was with a friend discussing some business matters and John left head of them with another friend. I told him that John was shot and died and that was the only details relayed to us.

It was a shock, hubby told me we will go to where John is now and we later on found out when we were at the hospital that he arrived there at 3 in the morning..fighting for his life and sad to say it was unsuccessful. It was sad as he was shot – for me it was a cold blooded murder. As it is a shock for me, i know it is a lot harder for his friends and his family. They knew him more and no one could still fathom as to  why it happened to him.

Jeff even told me, it is unfathomable. Something that still doesn’t register into their minds – his and their other friends. They could still see him joking around and sometimes being “pikon”. I have seen and talked to John myself a couple of times in WMSU as i was there with my daughter Jazel and i could remember him kidding with Jazel. He was friendly – it is weird using the word “was”…well he IS friendly and over all a nice guy.

Yet, everyone needs to move on right? He maybe physically gone, but i believe he is somewhere now where he is at peace. I hope and pray that he is at peace as his death was UNJUSTIFIABLE. I was having a conversation with my husband last night after he came home from John’s wake. He said they were discussing circumstances as to how and what happened. There were so many theories as to how..and to why it happened. I openly told him, that for me, to matter what the circumstances tell, it was unfair. Unfair to the family, to his friends.. it was unfair for that person to take away a life that wasn’t his to take. NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO TAKE AWAY SOMEBODY ELSE’S LIFE. NO ONE. If only real life were like the movies –  like CSI i told my hubby these. How i wish  our investigators have the BRAINs and the CAPACITY to investigate and not just ask. where our investigators and the government CARES. Where we, common people do not have to pay for AUTOPSIES! I found out that we – WE common people WHO PAY our OWN TAXES pays for our own autopsies! Which is quite unfair. I mean it is injustice and now in order for you to solve such crime you have to pay for it??? grrr plus it is that costly. John wasn’t autopsied which for me, is a lot more unfair. The killer should be put in jail.. SHOULD Fucking pay for what he did. Injustices like this always always always gets into my nerves and turn me into some “Horacio”mode. Oh if only it is like CSI where they get to find strands of hair, or fragments from the bullets. But sad to say it isn’t. We are in the Philippines where crimes likes these are left forgotten. Crimes like these are like marijuana to those fuckin killers, they kill for for, they kill for fun, they kill because they want to.

I pray for Justice. For a friend who was so good not to me, but to my husband, to his friends.  i also pray for our government, that hopefully those who does not want progress will rot in hell and that person, who killed John, will also rot in hell. I know it is bad to wish someone ill but at times like this you cannot help but do so. I even asked my husband if that person who killed John can sleep at night, does he even have conscience?

this is john with my of the good times they’ve had

Goodbye John..


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  1. socates says:

    kalungkot naman po!

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