in order to really enjoy any story, you need to get the ending out of the way as soon as possible

bye bye…

on February 22, 2012

to my dear old keyboard.

I have been typing fast today as we have a lot of needed report to accomplish by the end of the month which i know is getting nearer beca-se this month is the shortest grrr!

and alas! one of the letters won’t fnction well.. it won’t even appear at all. IT stayed where it is and won’t bdge. Can anyone g-ess which letter? beca-se apparently it is obvio-s in my sentences right now as i cannot complete a word witho-t it!! grrr.. i hope anyone can still comprehend this.


bt know what? i appreciate that letter now..that letter i cannot even type right now. lol.



see it? and i know it is pretty bit dirty as i always find it hard to clean keyboards especially the in betweens!! Bt i know it finally reached its end…ta-ta!


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