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playing dress up adult edition

on February 21, 2012

Everytime there is an occasion.. i feel like i am a little girl playing dress up. From picking the clothes to wear to which shoe is compatible with the clothes! It brings me back to childhood days where i would play with my dolls and make their own was fun. Now every time there is an occasion, i feel like a little girl playing dress up adult edition lol. Putting the dress on and walking those high heeled shoes feels like playing hahahaha i feel like i am in a costume and i am not me! I feel girly though i feel an entirely different me.. like i’ve said it feels like i am just playing dress up. This might be due to the fact that i am not used to dressing up. Growing up i never saw my mom putting make up on, i never was introduced to all of this girl shit πŸ˜›

Then again, I do admit that it was fun. Learning all these is actually new to me. It was easy back then – you know making my doll’s own clothes, cutting my Barbie’s hair and wishing it will grow back ( but it never did to my dismay), painting her face with lipstick and crying over it because i could never wash it off and my Barbie ended up looking more like Chucky doll. hahahaha! I never really had someone to teach me how to put on a make up, nor i had someone to teach me how to walk in high heeled shoes or i never really had someone to tell me that this hair style is better than what i have chosen. ( Still i love my mom, she is just not into those stuff sad to say) Since i started working, i realized that sometimes you need to learn those basics from putting a make up on to what shoes to wear – or you could just go to a salon and have your hair fixed which is out of the idea because it is out of my budget. These office functions did taught me that i need to learn a few this and that…and i could say i did learn! hahaha I could say i know how to use a blush on now or i know how to use a mascara ( but damn it really hurt when my finger slipped and the mascara smeared my inner eye – it really STINGS!!!) But i could never really learn how to pluck my own eyebrows or learn how to put color in it with soft feather like strokes ( just read these on the internet – that term) Β There are things that i do not think i could do on my own but atleast i know the basic πŸ˜›

So these office functions feel like playing for me… it brings me back to my basic which i honestly love – at least i know i am learning something new. I could remember my husband asking me if i am really a “lady” hahaha he said if there is one lady who doesn’t know how to use a make up and is sooooooo burara that is me! Burara means..someone who loves clutter, puts away things and could never remember where i put and see my bag and see how of a mess it is but i could find my way there! honestly.But i am still a lady nonetheless just not mainstream.

Playing dress up adult edition is fun. It is a learning experience. True!

I’ve learned that 3 inch heeled shoese are really really painful in the toes and calves..since i am not used to it. But i love how my feet look like with the shoes on – it make me feel hot and sexy hahaha!

I’ve learned that in a way i am still a lady even though i am not your mainstream kind. πŸ˜›

That poking your eyes with a mascara really stings and is painful.

That when you cry – you look horrible especially if you have that make up on.

That there are make up that says “waterproof” but are not really waterproof.

I’ve also learned that is a big HELP. There are videos that teaches you how to use make up from smoky to natural ones.


some pictures below of me and my officemates from office functions..


πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚




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