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peeves of peeves

on February 20, 2012

There are certainly a lot of things which i am peeved about.

people who walk along sidewalks as if they are walking in a park! sometimes when you are so in a hurry and other people infront of you walk as if they are in a park..and what makes it worse is that they do not even notice people around them! they go on walking like the hell who cares?

ok here is another one that annoys me at times. Women who walk with their umbrellas and they carry their umbrella up to their height only. Cmon!! Not everyone is of the same height as them..and i am a bit taller so.. when you walk beside them their umbrella is like poking you in your face and guess what? they do not notice it all. How irritating that is!


2 responses to “peeves of peeves

  1. d3swirlz says:

    Lol! Those are two of mine as well! And another one – being cut in line. Grr.

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