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One of Zamboanga’s Best

on February 18, 2012

For the second time around – my tummy is quite happy.  Went to have lunch yesterday with my big boss and the visitors. We brought them to Alavar Seafood House – one of the most popular restaurants here in my city. They serve mostly sea foods. There are a lot of reviews about the restaurant so i will be sparing you for it but if ever you want to check it out, the links are this will give you a list of restaurants that are worth visiting here…but am not sure if it is that updated or check out which talks about the sauce that was used with the crabs which makes it a lot more delectable.

Now this one is the crab dish that i was referring to from the above sentences.. well the orange – yellowish color is the sauce which is very very delectable. I tell you – this is not for those who have very high cholesterol count or are hypertensive hahaha for once you start eating it – you just won’t stop. It is that delicious. Those are medium sized crabs.. you can also opt for Curacha – one of Zamboanga’s specialty sea foods..from the crab family 😛 crustaceans i believe is the right term..anyways the sauce? i do not know what it is made of…but some says it is from coconut milk and atsuwete seeds..I do not know the english term for atsuwete… anyways the combination tastes great but i know there are more to it.

For a fact, we ALWAYS bring our visitors to this restaurant 🙂 and we always review rave reviews.

My second fave in this restaurant is the baked clam, buttery and crisp and juice in the inside. Just flavorful! yum!

this one is baked tangingue – ok i do not know the spelling of the name of the fish but i like it since it was topped with toasted garlic 🙂

Now this is a bell of a fish ( quite not sure which fish probably tangingue or marlin) it is grilled i believe but it is quite delectable as well… and the side dish is Latu.. it is found in the sea too right? correct me if i am wrong hahahaha.. it is a family of the agar agar (?)

I am bad at reviews i know so you guys just better come here and try these dishes with me for i tell you they are quite good – very!

I am just so disappointed at myself because i didn’t order Zamboanga White!! My companions did and i also forgot to take pictures of it..grrr one of the popular drinks we have here.. a mixture of lychee and whole other stuff and it is white and delicious too. Hmmm maybe next time i will.


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