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Food highlights since Saturday

on February 14, 2012

Lately, i acquired this habit of taking a picture of the food i have been taking – mostly for blogging reasons. It feels fun to do so.

Well, last Saturday I felt the urge for some vegetable sandwich. I bought veggies and had some mayo at home..cheese and some bread.

I am actually not fond of eating veggie sandwich lol but i gave it a try.

this is the veggie..had some cabbage in it, carrots, baguio beans and celery…

mayo! but not homemade

and i also put some eggs in it… and added a bit of pepper too 😀


then Saturday afternoon, i also went to eat Satti lol

i took a pic of it!  The sauce is thick and spicy – yumm! It has rice in it – that rice was wrapped in leaves ( of a coconut) and it has little barbecues in it..beef bbq..and it has different spices in it! yummmmm! and one serving only costs P20.00!!!

Then yesterday, i was the one who took the visitors ( of our office in the hotel) as i was waiting for them in the lobby .. i ordered this Bacon and Egg sandwich..  i love the bacon as it was crispy.. but i know the white bread isn’t healthy at all lol!

and then my boss arrived and asked me to order ham and cheese and egg sandwich! lol since he cannot finish it all.. i gladly partake. and yes the white bread is so unhealthy 😛 but still it is delicious hahahah!

Then, last night, hubby and i got hungry and told me we would go to Rava’s. It is a place where they served tapsilog ( tapa and egg) and different rice porridge with chicken… i ordered this soup – beef i guess and it was great taking it since it was raining soooo hard last night.

and then i ordered this TAPSILOG – that is tapa – beef tapa, with egg and fried rice. hahaha full of oil and cholesterol. But still it tastes great!


I do not want to think of all the calories i’ve acquired the past few days. 😛


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