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Hope for the Flowers

on February 13, 2012

I just stumbled upon this article.. This was shared by Samantha Sotto on my fb.. 🙂 It is about favorite romantic couple in literature. I am surprised that on the number one spot is STRIPE and YELLOW!! I have long forgotten these two characters that i soooo loved.

I remembered reading about them way back in college. A teacher of mine in college who is also a good friend shared their story in our class. IT was so moving. It was from the book, Hope for the Flowers. I cannot help but think of that story again. Anyone read it? It made me think back of what the story liked to share to the readers… the story was full of HOPE, of real LOVE and of what is LIFE is supposed to be. Plus it is also a reminder of how our life should be..and how we could spread our wings more…and how some people try to be on top, climb their way on top, stepping on other people…and in the end, when they reach the top they are empty and unhappy…plus the book also shares HOPE and PURPOSE in life. The part that i love most was when Stripe and Yellow became butterflies. 🙂



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