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Jogging anyone?

on February 11, 2012

I JOGGED. But that isn’t me on the picture i am the one taking the pic. That is the running is a complex for athletic stuff. Usually around 5 in the afternoon people are there to run, to play soccer, volleyball, some play frisbee…and other like me walk and jog around.

the sky looks great for jogging… it looks a bit dark though but it was because of my camera..and it was around past 5 when i took this picture so it should really be gloomy… and the sun is setting but i love how the blue sky blended with the clouds turning the shades of the sky into gray and white..and the orange light is slowly mixing with the sky. It looks better in a high definition camera i bet. But too bad i used my cam phone. I am not properly equipped.

run here. 😀

and that is my daughter running. She opted to be in a DRESS and rubber shoes even though she has jogging pants and a tshirt with her. I can’t make her change her mind, good thing is she didn’t stumble.

goofing around


err.. me and ELMO 😛



and after 5 rounds in the oval.. i admit i was tired and exhausted. My feet were complaining. And i know i should have better running shoes – they were killing me! But atleast i sweat and it was a good run.


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