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Classic Pictures

on February 11, 2012

I was having a little trip the other night. Trip to the old albums. I saw old pictures of me and my brother which really made me laugh and at the same time nostalgic. Too bad i do not have a scanner at home and i could have scanned those old pictures which are classics! I had to take my phone and capture it which was pretty bad..but then again i don’t mind sharing.

it is a bit unclear though. That is me and my brother. I could not believe i showed my toothless grin! lol. And i was that silly…but i could not help but admire my was that long and that straight and well take cared off. hahaha! My brother in this picture was in his “thin” self. He would kill me when he sees this.



I could not remember the event on this one but i guess this was his graduation in high school…but i know i am that little girl in his arms..and he was grinning like crazy hahaha!

if there is one thing i realized from looking at this picture is that i miss my big old brother ( he is working overseas as a seafarer) and i never realize we were that close back then… growing sure did made a gap between us even though we are on the same roof…i miss him.

oh yes and this is my big ol brother! he will surely kill me now. ha ha!

and i saw this very old picture! MY PARENTS! they are the ones in the middle, my mom is that little lady in dress..and at her right is my dad!! i have never really seen that much pictures of them when they were that young since i believe people back then were not really camera addicts hahaha! Look at those bell bottoms…fashion really did evolved.




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