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i am on a hunt

on February 9, 2012

Oh yes i am on a hunt. For BOOKS. It has been two weeks now since i have read a good one and i am really craving for more…and i  am hunting online for these books – used ones since they are cheaper.

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

This is the movie poster but i know there is book by Seth Grahame Smith. I NEED to read this..this is one of his parody. Since i know how good Pride and Prejudice and Zombies turned out..then this book will also be good… so anyone knows where i could find used books? 😛

THE VOW – since a movie of this will come out this Feb 14, i so want to read the book first but i cannot find the book in our booksale or bookstores! I am trying my best to find the cheapest one online…. it is sooo hard when you are so tight with money and you want to read more, you have to settle for second hand books. darn.

There are more actually but these two are on the top list. wish i could get my hands on these books wish wish i could.


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