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kiddie shows and me.

on February 8, 2012

I have 3 wonderful kids now. They are the ones who LOVE to watch cartoons. But i still find myself watching cartoons with them too!

I guess from watching too much cartoons with them, i also get myself to like them. It is like being a child again. Which is a wonderful thing.

So these are the cartoons that i personally like ( which my kids also like)

Upin and Ipin – shown in Disney Channel. It is Malaysian and i love that how the characters speak is so clear ( It is dubbed i guess in English but nonetheless it is very clear). I find Upin and Ipin, who are twins so cute. Everytime this is shown my kids are in their proper behavior. lol. At times how i wish it is always shown! What i love more is that the story has morals plus it shows a different culture which makes my kids a lot more curious. That means their brain is working.

this is how engrossed they get when they are watching their fave shows and i know have to take this shot. Even my little boy who just turned 2 stays put!!


Aside from Upin and Ipin, i love watching 

The Lion King! I love the songs in it… Hakuna Matata is a personal fave.. i guess i was in sixth grade when this became popular but till now i love it! Even my kids do.  🙂

The latest one that i personally love too is TANGLED. We saw this on HBO and we all love how Rapunzel’s story was modified. I believe that is in 3d and i very like it much how the characters were created. The princess looked pretty but also looks mischievous…plus the plot all in all is a good twist from the traditional Rapunzel story.

Aside from those above, i cannot help but also get to love…


who wouldn’t love this show??? lol. Phineas and Ferb are geniuses!!! No matter how much Candice try to expose them – she can’t! I have a personal fave episode.

this ep i love. Wish my kids will sing something like this lol.. Aside from the show having some spunk , it also motivates children to think, to invent, to create, to make their days useful.

Aside from that i also like to watch Art Attack with my children. 

Creativity. Fun. Productivity. It is all in there. Plus it shows how much you can do with different kinds of media, from paint, to pastel, pencil, crayons and the likes.


plus watching kiddie stuff helps you forget all the stress in life.



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