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my take on religion

on February 7, 2012

Ok here it goes.

My parents are catholic. Therefore, growing up, i was exposed to Catholic ways – going to Church on Sundays. We have religious status at home. We have…

the Sto.Niño at home.  My parents are strong believer of its “power”.

We also have Jesus Christ on the cross or what we call the “crucifixion”. Growing up, i was also introduced in Catholic beliefs and traditions like joining a procession especially during Lenten Season. To add more to being Catholic, my parents enrolled me in a Catholic school from my kindergarten days to college days.

That is me all smiling with the girl with the headband whose arm was around. Lol this was during our third grade if my memory serves me right. And yes, we have school uniforms. And yes, we also have regular mass held in the school Catholic Church. I know the prayers by heart ( till now).


I have nothing against being Catholic. There are things in this religion that are good – but there are also ways that i am not into. Like for one the procession. Yes. If my mom would read this she would totally be against this. But growing up too, i was exposed to reading and learning and i have learned a lot. I have learned that there are ways in the Catholic Church that are too dramatic for one. So many acts on the mass too the traditions like procession and stuff like that.

Jesus was not born Catholic too right? Plus back in his days, he was dressed simply. How come the priests are dressed toooooo much right now? so extravagant for my taste. But i am not saying it is bad – its just too much but then again, i have known also priests who are sincere in their ways.

But i am not one who goes to confession and tell everything i know and tell my sins to priests.

They should be dressed simply for my own opinion. not this.


Then again, i have nothing against this guy. His Holiness. But hell his clothes i bet are made of GOLD. Jesus wasn’t dressed this way in his time and in fact Jesus is the KING!!! right? ( People who are really religious might think i am mad right now but cmon, in all honesty i am true :P)

Plus, That guy is filthy rich. lol. Jesus came to this earth with nothing – he was even born in a barn on a cold winter night ( ok ok i am being dramatic but you know i am right)

In all honestly i guess my look on religion changed. I am Catholic, yes i still am. I didn’t change – it doesn’t matter actually. But my opinion on some matters did change. I pray. I am teaching the kids to pray. But I honestly do not go to Church anymore like how i used to back in my high school days. I mean, i honestly despise looking at those old ladies..going inside the church looking so holy and when they go out their mouths are as filthy as hell. well it is fact.

I teach my kids who Jesus is. We have faith in HIM. But the traditions and beliefs are set aside. As long as i know my FAITH and i know Christ. I know that is enough. ( but i still admit we do go to Fort Pilar to light a candle – i do not know why. Maybe – just maybe to save this behind from going to hell after all i have said here lol)


I believe that my FAITH has nothing to do with RELIGION. Religion is just some org that was organized to get some people together.


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