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How physically unfit i am!

on February 6, 2012

Yesterday i joined Philhealth Run. You run for a cause.

It was a good one actually, it started as early as 5 am but we were there before five, 4 am to be exact because the assembly takes time. I was all geared up and ready to go…but of course we did some warm up but when we started running and i was barely in the 1k mark… i realized i was already running out of breath! I feel like having an asthma and my chest was getting tired. So i slowed down, walked…and walked… and realized how UNFIT i am!!!

Well surprise surprise i barely get to exercise at home either. Unless you count walking from the kitchen to the bedroom an exercise. But gathered all my will and get it on. lol.

To my relief, i didn’t embarrass myself hahahah! I finished the race ( but of course i was far cry from winning ).

result? my body is totally aching right now. Will i do it again? a definite yes.

that little kid did it too!

taking pictures adds more fun!






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