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Smoking and how hard it is to stop people from smoking

on February 3, 2012

Last year, i was begging my husband to stop smoking. I do not need to tell him over and over again the reasons why – it is pretty obvious why.

But i guess the addiction to smoking is hard to stop. Just last January, he minimized the number of cigarettes he takes. From 10 to down to 5…. but then i got tired of tracking it down because i am not with him most of the time. He is at work and i am at work… i do not know if he is taking any or not. But when he is at the work place, i know it is not allowed. ( or is it? lol)

The night before, we were out on a dinner ( an early valentine’s dinner lol) and he bought this pack of cigarettes again…and i told him once again to stop smoking. He says he is trying but is having a hard time. i guess addictions takes a whole lot of discipline to stop. 😦


he usually buy this brand.


wish he’d totally stop it.


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