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tai chi anyone?

on February 1, 2012

I realized, i am gaining a lot these past few week again ( blaming on the loackers…and the chocolates i indulge myself – and yes my husband will have a laugh at this and will scold me for this).

But it was him who told me maybe it is nice to learn TAI CHI! yes tai those chinese forms, 24 forms to be exact that are said to be good for the body.

I remembered doing this in high school. I joined this organization who taught us these moves…i could remember it was indeed helpful..we sweat a lot and it was fun doing it too. You do not feel like you are moving much but in the end you will feel like you did that much!



The moves look a bit difficult now…but it wouldn’t be that bad if i get used to it right??? right. Now thinking of me and hubby doing this makes me laugh… 😀


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