in order to really enjoy any story, you need to get the ending out of the way as soon as possible

I wonder what is Jane Austen is thinking right now

on January 27, 2012

Ever since the onset of THE WALKING DEAD – i also started hunting. Not for dead people or live ones lol i started hunting for zombie books. Call me crazy but yes i have a thing or two for those gruesome looking creatures – the walkers – as they call it in the series. Oh yes, i have a thing or two for them. As i was browsing the web as i recall.. i came upon different links to zombie land…

Then, i saw the illustration of the book, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Seth Grahame Smith…i had to blink twice if it was really a book or some fool made a joke of Jane Austen’s work. But it is really a book. I even rechecked Jane Austen’s title if it had zombies in it lol but nope, it was indeed the work of Seth.

I had to go looking for the work but since my place is scarce with book or bookstores. We do not have it here. i had to resort myself to looking for ebooks ( yes i am that resourceful when it comes to reading or i will go starving again). Then i patiently read the book in pdf which was a torture because i could not lie in bed and snuggle the book and read it with my chips or chocolates… unless i cuddle the laptop lol.

It was torture. But it was worth it. I love the way Seth incorporated  the zombies in Ms. Austen’s story. It makes me wonder what is Jane thinking right now? will she be pleased by it? or will she be mad that some gruesome creatures plague her story? but then again, she might not. Seth did a great job with the story line. I love the way how he described the zombies…and how he described the Bennet sisters, all strong and ready for combat. Makes you think how they fought the zombies in those big skirts and corsets. I wonder how they did their high kicks. lol

But yes, i really wonder what is Jane is thinking right now? maybe she is thinking (wherever she is lol) that sooner or later more of her other books will be plagued as well…. (just as Abraham Lincoln is now called the Vampire Hunter – another book i will be reading when i get my hands on it).

Surely, i definitely know what Seth is thinking – COLD CASH. If people in hollywood are now thinking of making this into a movie, definitely he will be rich – immediately ( just like JK Rowling and S. Meyer) lucky guy. I should have taught of this first. Maybe i should start reading some of Shakespeare’s work and try to massacre it as well with vampires and wolves…. or some mythical creatures from my land. lol.

But this book is a must read – try it.

With all these thoughts of zombies… makes me hungry. will be having dinner first.

p.s cannot wait for the new episodes of The Walking Dead on Feb 12!


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