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CSI Las Vegas – another one leaves

on January 27, 2012

I have mentioned in previous posts that i love suspense / thriller/ crimes..these are the kind of genres that i love. Therefore, aside from reading books with these themes… i also love watching CSI. I started watching  CSI way back where i cannot remember.

It started with Grissom ( his character was that fascinating for me), i would start it week after week, even the re-runs i would watch! Lol. I never get tired of it and some friends just don’t get it. And i don’t care.

But when Grissom left in CSI Last Vegas, honestly – i was HEARTBROKEN! It is like CSI won’t be the same without him! I was really literally disturbed lol. But Marg Helgenberger is still there – she was the one left to lead the cast… and i watched it more because of her and Nick Stokes. But now i have read the news that Marg is leaving CSI too!! Cmon! Why the hell are they removing casts that i love??? i found it in this article.

But the good thing is Nick is still there and Sarah returned.

But then again, i feel like crying by this news. darn. darn. darn. i will miss her. 😦 


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