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books turned into movies

on January 27, 2012

It has become a trend. Books turned into movies…it has been done a thousand times right? There are really great great books that are sooooo good that they need to be put into a film for non-readers to see. I love the books so much that i go and see the movies..but sometimes i reach a point where the movie does not justify the book itself. Some are a far cry from the book! But still i have personal faves…

To start with:

HARRY POTTER series. Of course – who doesn’t love these books?  I grew up with this book! I remember i laid my eyes on the first book, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone when  i was in second grade. It was not mine.. it was owned by a close friend. I could also remember she doesn’t want to lend it because it was expensive hahahah she could not even take it out of her house! But somehow i get to borrow one from other friend’s and get to read it.

Then the movie came and there came along little Danielle Radcliff who looked like an angel back then! He was so cute – you want to snuggle him! ( but i do not like how he look currently…and who would have thought Longbottom was a late bloomer and his current pic spells handsome lol)

But did the movie justify the book? it was fine though, the basics were they, the essentials were there but it was the teeny weeny bit of details about him and the characters were missing. It is like eating and you get satiated but was never enough. That was how i felt when i watched the movie.

So then again, i would settle for the book on this one…same with the other titles turned to movies… but i did cry when i read the last book… i do not like the characters i loved were dead. silly.

A WALK TO REMEMBER by Nicholas Sparks 

I actually saw the movie first before reading the book. I initially fell in love with the movie ( more for the guy actually). I was in my senior year in high school i think when it first came out or early college years… and i did cry at the last parts of the movie when Jaime died..But i love the story more when I’d read the book. Nicholas Sparks do bring wonders…

The NOTEBOOK – another one by N. Sparks. He has ways of writing such stories. The ones that would really tug you at your heart…and makes you teary eyed. I love this story. It is whimsical at the same time you cannot feel anything else but love the characters again. Noah is such a model for a man, who persevered and makes you wish and hope that there really is a man like him..

The movie? who would not love it. Rachel Adams and Ryan Gosling is a perfect pair for this movie.. and they made it look like it was really real. The kissing in the rain part was a hit. I have no negative comment on this one. The acting was quite good as well.

The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons by Dan Brown

I was fascinated by his works.. though it stirred a lot of comments and criticism.. i still love Dan Brown’s work of fictions… though he made me believe on some parts. He made me realize that i need to be open minded on somethings.. that there are different possibilities on different sides..and it may be true or it might be not true. I am catholic and the things in which was written in his books are a bit conflicting to what is believed….but like i have said, it made me an open minded person. So  i love his books even the latest one the Lost Word.

But did the movie give it justice? sorry to say it didn’t but i still watched it because….. i want to see how Tom Hanks did his part as Langdon. But it was a bit boring…. lol. it didn’t reach my expectations. Therefore i would rather stick to reading the book.

these are some of my personal favorites..but there are more like the Chronicles of Narnia, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The Last Song ( also by N. Sparks but i didn’t like the movie, it was bad acting my Miley Cyrus lol).. Also book by John Grisham were turned into movies, they were great as well.

There is also one i am looking forward to watching which i was to share. A movie is coming up this February 14, i thought it was written by N. Sparks since the title would immediately make you think of him. THE VOW

A friend shared this on FB too.. when i saw the title, i immediately thought it was written by N. Sparks, and the ones who starred in that movie were in N. Sparks book’s turned movie. Channing Tatum ( Dear John – another great book please read it!) and Rachel Adams ( The Notebook, i need not say more). So i searched and looked for the book because i know there is a book about it. But guess what? It was not written by N. Sparks!!

It was a book written by Kim and Krickitt Carpenter! It is a true love story..and there is a book…and i am searching and searching for the cheapest i could find lol (sorry tight budget) so i have not read the book yet but eventually i will read its book. I WILL! before the movie will be shown.

So there, these are my personal faves..

But at the end of the day, i could still say that – nothing beats reading books. Great actor or not – i will still go for the books rather than the movies. 😛


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