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What the heck –

on January 26, 2012

I am craving.

I need it so badly right now, it feels like i am on the brink of starvation.

It is like a need – need for  water, the kind where you are so thirsty and wants to drink whatever is there available.

But the thing is nothing is available! My own fault, i should have prepared something to satiate this craving. But silly me, going to battle without any armory or a weapon.

And here i am, trying my best to contain this insanity. Looking at thing, FB is boring. i do not even know what to blog without it. i do not even know what to do, watching television is banal as well. No new episodes of CSI is on. I cannot even get myself to watch those soaps that is on tv the ones my officemates are so gaga about.

Am i even normal? i do not think i am.

Or this is part of PMS? but i am through that this month.


I NEED A BOOK. a good one.

goodnight for now. darn no book tonight. God help me.


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