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On music

on January 26, 2012

It is part of who i am.

I am honestly not good at singing. Lol. I am tone deaf and that is a fact. 🙂

But i love listening to music…and trying to sing with it ( when there is no one around). I love different genres of music and different artists. No on in particular though as long as the music is pleasing to my ears and i love what it means then i will love that music. It doesn’t matter if its classic, pop or rock.

But my playlists currently shows:



Her song – like this one i’ve shared is heartfelt.. you feel all the emotions in her voice. Another one i love about her is you can see she is real. I have seen videos of her singing in concert and she just sits there, singing and captivating the crowd with just her voice. She closes her and eyes and you can still feel the emotions she emits. It doesn’t matter that she is big – people who are cruel comments on her body! But well she just proves it now that WOMEN WHO HAVE BIGGER CURVES are BEAUTIFUL! and creates REAL music. I love her. I also love her song – Make you feel my love. 🙂

Christina Perri

One word: STRONG


oh yeah..and i love her hair. Plus i love the lyrics, its like poetry for me.



who doesn’t like them?

their words are like poetry and music entwined together..



Now this one is an infusion. Bono – their music – emotions – mankind…

I personally admire Bono ( anyone saw her daughter? she is beautiful) he captivates me – his voice and the way he he is a philanthropist. What more can i say?


this song i admire of all. It has been on the airwaves for so long it doesn’t die.


real music still lives on. 🙂 i hope other music lovers agree on these choices..though there are more. These are the ones mostly played right now on my playlist.




One response to “On music

  1. socates says:

    I came to know Adele through her song, “Someone Like You”. I am so brokenhearted during that time and I searched the web about breakup songs and this song of Adele came. The lyrics really match the feelings I have at that moment and it became my sort of national anthem…as in araw araw at oras-oras kong pinapakinggan. I tried listening to Adele’s other songs but for me “Someone Like You” is the number one for me. The song for brokenhearted people.

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