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Catherine Coulter – current obsession

on January 24, 2012

I make it a point to read one book or more a week. For this weekend, i was able to finish Catherine Coulter’s THE EDGE. Suspense / Thriller / Crimes interests me a lot. I grew up reading Nancy Drew..and Mary Higgins Clark so i guess it came from there. But currently i am obsessed with Catherine Coulter’s FBI Series. The main characters of her series Savich and Sherlock are pretty interesting and very strong characters that one cannot help but read more and more of them. 

When i read her books, i feel like i am watching CSI hahahah ( another obsession). Well, i was at the booksale last Sunday actually and i saw THE EDGE. One of the FBI series and i know i have to have it. So i did and started reading it the moment i was home.

THE EDGE though was a bit disappointing. The start was good, it kept me going until the last few parts where they were at the forests of Puerto Rico..and they were trapped… i didn’t like most of the scenes there.

And the ending was not the way i thought it was… but then again, i will still read her books.. i guess the other books just surpassed my expectations on this one.


But i will still recommend this one… it is still good just disappointing on some parts but good..











Just last night after THE EDGE, i started opening  BLOWOUT…and will tell you about it after i finished it. 😛 so far so good.. i like the start where you get to be with Savich and his “paranormal like” experience. Too bad i wasn’t able to finish it till wee hours in the morning, hubby saw me and turned off the lights. darn.


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  1. thanks for the likes! 🙂

  2. socates says:

    Sayang at sa libro ata tayo di vibes 🙂

  3. no Ms. Soc… vibes pa rin hehe i am not confined naman in one genre..or type. 😀 you will eventually see hehe! pero atleast we both love reading.

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