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Before Ever After

on January 21, 2012


Before Ever After by Samantha Sotto


I don’t mean to be biased since Samatha Sotto is Filipina..but atlast I finally read the whole book and I love how it went.I was awake till 1 in the morning just to finish the book. It took me days just to finish the book. At first, i honestly found it hard to read the whole book. Probably because her writing style was quite different from other writer I follow.

Samatha Sotto brought depth in the story. I had to scramble my brain for the words she used! Plus the plot was indeed a bit confusing – at first. There were flashbacks and made me confused. But there were parts in the story that indeed nearly brought me to tears.

The story is like having your chicken soup, with a mixture of different spices in it. There is love, romance, magic, enchantment… there were parts that are dark, light and funny. There were realities and mysteries in it. There was even a point where i thought Max was a vampire! lol Of course who would not think of it? since vampires are quite in these days.

What i love more is that, the ending was now how i expected it to. YES, i did made a sneak preview at the back..and read some but i guess i didn’t read it better because what i thought was wrong… i thought Paolo was going to be in love with Shelley…but it was not your typical love story. Shelley proved love to be unconditional in that story…she in the end did not run contrary to her list of “meet, date, run”

Plus, there were minor characters that did made an impact in the story, take that of Dex… i didn’t know there was a story behind that character. So for those who plans to read it, so skipping chapters or you will lose essentials of the story.

What i love more from the book is that Samantha Sotto shared to the world the beauty of Philippines – especially Boracay ( though i have not been there duh! but i want more to go there lol)

There were also lines in the book that i love to read over and over again, like when Max wrote the letter for Paolo and said that “Life is — a barter of choices and consequences. Nothing you have is without a price paid by yourself or someone else.”  which is true. Everyday we face decisions we have to either immediately follow and decide, or we take a minute to think about it…. there are ones that we often think about too long that we immediately lose its grasp…take Max,  he proposed to Shelley immediately knowing her time is ticking..and in order for him to enjoy her company and her love is by acting upon it immediately..including the marriage and proposal…and Max knew that leaving Shelley with the pain and hurt is part of the consequences of the actions he made.

Yet, in the end it was Shelley who made a twist by returning to Paolo and proving the love she has… just like what Dex said, sometimes he would rather endure the pain and sadness knowing he was loved and he loved. So probably that is why Shelley came back to Max, amidst the pain….and gambled.

But the ending did confused me, it leaves you, us the readers to think of what the ending should be. It was not your usual happy ever after story where you know the princess and the prince are together…it is one of those endings that give us readers the chance to think if did Shelley make it? or did she not?

For my own sanity ( or lack of understanding lol but i will definitely read the whole book again 😛 ) i would like to think that Shelley successfully went through it…. and was able to have baked eggs with cheese and tea with jasmine..on a Sunday morning.



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