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Where have all the bookworms gone?

on January 20, 2012

…specifically here that is.

Currently having a conversation with a friend ( a blogger too) she mentioned that at her former office..she was able to bond with her other officemates through books…. they could hang out in National Bookstore and the likes….and makes me think how i wish i have a bunch of friends who is also willing to burn their noses in books..and hangout not in the RTW section but hangout in bookstores lol.. someone i could talk about books endlessly… and talk about characters from the fiction world..and even disagree on books…how i wish.

I wonder where have all my co-bookworms are? 


One response to “Where have all the bookworms gone?

  1. socates says:

    naks!!!!super thanks. love it! 😀

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