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Barns and Basilisk…

on January 19, 2012

8:13 am


January 19 2012

I was reading chapter 8 Barns and Basilisks of Before Ever After.. it was one of the striking chapters i’ve read so far…

They way the basilisk was described was vivid, i could easily imagine it in my mind… a rooster with beak of an eagle..just looking like this




and the eyes of the basilisk were colors of an amber… that it could kill you upon its look..well well.. that is similar to the basilisk described in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets! But then Voldemort’s basilisk does not look like a rooster but a big snake but same vicious creature that kills.

As i finished the chapter and realized the Basilisk’s connection with Uri ( and Max – and he is the Basilisk!). Uri’s character reminded of a conversation i had with my husband… we were talking about the soldiers who were at war… and came back different persons. Uri was that in the story, he left a loving husband and a good father yet he went home a different person he cannot even identify. My husband told me it was trauma from the war… or from what they have experienced in the war. Too much death, death which they cannot avoid, part of what they need to do in order to survive and go home.. a necessity. But of course there are lucky ones who can still go home and move on happily..yet there are unlucky ones who cannot do so.

My husband even pointed out my dad… he used to be in the military and though he did not go to wars..( thank God) He is normal circumstances ( he is full of it when he is drunk) He still acts like he is in the military – its like it has part been of his system which he cannot do without already..and sad to say till now it is that way and he might die that way.

There was also a movie we saw entitled BROTHERS

though the whole concept is an entirely different thing.. the soldier coming home finding his wife and his brother who are together in some ways… but then he came home a different person. He went through a lot being captured and saw his comrades tortured..and he need to even kill in order to survive. He went home traumatized..


it just makes you realize how much these soldiers go through. and they should be honored. Just like those Filipino soldiers fighting with rebels..and terrorist. ( Being a soldier’s daughter at times makes it easier for my heart to easily sympathize them)


back to the story though… the Basilisk did try to save Uri from being consumed from his insanity..yet he was too late. He accidentally killed himself though..and his wife saw him that way. This is just one of those parts where Max or the Basilisk saw death before his very eyes.. aside from Isabella’s death…. and he know that death is something he cannot have.


i just need to share these insights… i kept thinking of this since last night! or dawn.. i woke up at 2 in the morning and cannot find myself to fall asleep…and i kept thinking of this Chapter again and again…and i know i have to share my thoughts coherent or not. Or else i might find myself on the brink of insanity again.




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