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is love enough to last for a thousand years?

on January 18, 2012

I came across this “talk of love lasting a thousand years” twice this week alone. Is it enough? In the pages of Samantha Sotto’s Before Ever After, page 66 in Girlfriends and Guinness… Miren said that the love Rhys gave her is enough to last her for a several lifetimes. Is there such?

Then i came upon Christina Perri’s A Thousand Years song.. and she said ” i have loved you for a thousand years” 

cliche or not?

Maybe in fiction it is possible..take for one in twilight right? like that song was for twilight lol. But then again, reality is far different from fiction. We cannot see our ending or what is to come tomorrow. All we see is what is happening today. So can love last several last times? a love of a mother i know can. a love for a child to a mother can. But love for other than that? Like that of a husband? or a boyfriend even? do you think it will last?

love is said to be like a good beer, all the buzz and fleeting.. i actually do not know the answer of my questions as well, i guess i have to see it for myself…


3 responses to “is love enough to last for a thousand years?

  1. Perhaps for a vampire, but humans I think a hundred years and would be in dusk. I guess it is a figure of speech.

  2. yes it is a figure of speech… but for a lifespan of a person? how long does love last?

  3. socates says:

    love for me can last for a thousand years, for the right reason and if the the person is the right one 🙂

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