in order to really enjoy any story, you need to get the ending out of the way as soon as possible

Blood Brothers

on January 18, 2012

A friend, Alsie, mentioned Nora Roberts’ name a few months ago. I never heard of her until she mentioned it. I then looked it up and saw that some of her books are on the romantic side – love side. I was never a sucker for those… until i tried reading one. It was an ebook i downloaded for free ( oooppss..sorry no to online piracy!)

The first book i have read was “Angels Fall”, about a run away lady trying to find life in a new town but was never meant to stay long not until she saw a murder happened right before here very eyes..and just read the story on how it ends.

So looked up more of Nora Robert’s book…and i got tired of reading an ebook..and order to support anti-piracy i went to a booksale last December..and i saw book 1 of The Seven Trilogy of Nora Roberts. It was only for a P100.00 so i did buy it together with a Patricia Cornwell book.

The moment i laid eyes on it and was reading the summary at the front which it was at the front.. i know i will finish it by the end of the night. hahahah and i did. I just could not let it down. I know i have to finish that book. I know it is just fiction and fiction it all is… but like any other book I read, i imagine it all happening right in front of me. From where Cal and Quinn met to Cybil’s arrival. It is one of those books that you know you cannot just put down. Nora Roberts did quite well on this one, she knew readers won’t be able to stop till they are at the end ( and yes i did a sneak peak at the end pages) the whole plot played with pagan stones and charms and supernatural…and to those who love such kind of stuff i bet they will like this one too.

I will be going back to booksale to hunt for The Hollow and The Pagan Stone to complete my The Seven Trilogy. 


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  1. thank you for peeking in 🙂

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