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tale of this bookworm

on January 17, 2012

Books are inanimate things others find boring. Others find it “tiring” even ( an officemate told me that and i was appalled that she called my  favorite things in the world to be tiring and boring) Others just by looking at books they want to puke.

I look at books differently. For me it is a vacation. A whole new world…a dashing place i never knew ( ok ok sorry that was from Aladdin’s song) But i was not born this way. This love for books were acquired through time… through experience even.

As a kid, my mom never read stories by my bedside. My dad never hold the encyclopedia to open world of wonders and information. My brother for once i never did see hold a book much more read it. I was always left alone in front of the television to be entertained while my mom goes to work..or business travels. My dad was never home most of the time as his work requires him to as a serviceman..and my brother 8 years of gap..just have different interest…. lucky for me, they put me in a very good catholic school that has a variety of books in their library. And it all started there.

I got my first library card when i was in the third grade. I looked at it wondering what do i do with that piece of card? But i saw some friends going in and out of the library and i followed their path. I eventually started going to the library and found wonders in the shelves. It all started with me reading Sweet Valley Twins. It must be the layout of those books that enticed me to read. The picture of those two blond twins – one intelligent and one a bit dumb, got me into reading. From there i was able to travel on my own. From there started my love of books.

I could remember pestering my mom to buy me those books, i got hooked to collecting those series of Sweet Valleys and i used to have a list of them…and i would check which one i have and which one i need to have! My mom would always roll her eyes and still buy me the books. She would go to Manila for work travels and she would bring me home bunch of Sweet Valley Books with the titles that i specifically ask for. Lucky for me, she would always give in to what i want. She would even buy those i have none. I would often indulge myself into reading these books till wee hours of the morning. I would ask for books rather than for Barbie Dolls…and i would go on the whole day without eating nor taking a bath – just plainly reading. I could finish one book in roughly one hour. That was when i was still reading Sweet Valleys…and i was in the third grade.

My love for books escalated to Nancy Drews to Mary Higgins Clark. That is where i met the genre that i know i wold love forever – suspense. I do not know about CSI back then… but there i was reading the likes of it. I would stay glued to those books till i was finished with them. Its like having your favorite sundae ice cream with chocolate toppings on top ( no sprinkles i hate those) and fudge around it. That is how reading is for me.

A few of my friends would ask me why i read a lot – i would often say, you are guys are lucky you get to travel where you want to, you get to see those places for real… i cannot. Reading is like travelling for me. Getting a taste of the places i have never been too but through literature…through books..through written media.

If there is one thing that books taught me, it would be to respect those books, to love those books not because of course some are expensive but more because of the knowledge it gave me. I may not be the most knowledgeable…but atleast i know something. Somethings that are written between the lines of those words i read in books….



2 responses to “tale of this bookworm

  1. socates says:

    naks! ang dami ng posts since nag open ng wordpress….so loovveeee itttt!!!!!hehehehe. enjoy reading the book of samantha sotto, tapos ikuwento mo sa akin ng maapereciate ko sya from your point of view. happy reading and blogging! see you around in cyberworld. 🙂

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